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Chemical Coating Film
    Publish time 2018-05-18 10:36    
Chemical Coating Film
Product Type: CC
Thickness: 12-250 u m
1. Enhanced printing coating film mainly used as the lamination layer of soft packing materials can maintain high ink adhesion and make the ink particle tiny round and full for table printing in order to ensure ideal printing image
2. Enhanced metallization coating film, (one-side coating/one-side coating, the other side coronatreated), can promote the high adhesion between the film and the aluminum layer and make peelstrength reach more than 4N/15mm owing to the film surface processed with chemicals. Due to the high fastness of aluminum layer, the thickness of aluminum layer can be increased to extend shelf life of contents, maintain fragrance protectiveness, and have higher barrier property and temperature resistance instead of dealumination
3. Optical coating, increase transmittance, improve appearance